Havana is a tropical paradise.  Clear azure blue waters lap at the city's shore.  Severe weather can brew quickly though, wreaking havoc as the sea flows into the various districts.  In 1900 the magnificent seawall known as the Malecon, was built as a three mile barrier to merciless Atlantic storms. The softly curved demarcation is much more than a protective wall, it has come to be synonymous with a recreational and social gathering point.

By day, Habaneros use the tidal basins to fish and swim against the backdrop of the lovely Havana skyline.  In the evening, lovers and families gather and promenade, view the moonlit waters and listen to the congregating musicians. The musicians keep the pulsating rhythms of the Afro-Cuban music culture alive as they socialize and drink delicious Cuban rum.  During festivals, national celebrations and concerts the streets leading to the Malecon are closed to traffic, turning the broad expanse into an enormous bandstand. Historic monuments, grand old hotels as well as a flea market adorn this district, attracting both locals and tourists to the great wall of the Malecon.

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