Reflections of Cuba

An exhibit of original oil paintings of Cuban genre will be on display at the Vero Beach Courthouse from April 16 through July14, 2010. This exhibit is sponsored by the Indian River Cultural Council’s Art in Public Places Committee.

Compelling images of contemporary Cuba are presented on large canvases by artist, Francine Toirac. Her grandmother’s lavish descriptions of an emerald island just beyond the Florida Straits spawned a deep longing to someday visit this Eden, the land of her heritage.  A vibrant, lively and exquisitely picturesque place was encountered without disappointment to childhood musings.  Despite obvious scarcities, the Cuban spirit and resilience was apparent.  The paintings feature reflections on Cuba’s land and cityscapes, the Afro-Cuban music culture, old American cars preserved from the fifties, gracious architecture and most importantly the beautiful people in their array of splendid colors.

For Francine, the oyster was opened and the pearl her grandmother described was finally exposed.  Come see this Cuba through our featured artist’s eyes.

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Francine Toirac - Reflections of Cuba
Artist Francine Toirac